Photo courtesy of Kake Pugh


Photo courtesy of Kake Pugh
Photo courtesy of Kake Pugh

I love to discover new food shops, an Aladdin’s cave full of treasures ready for me to explore. Let me start by sharing with you ThaiSmile.

When I moved to Chiswick I was very excited to see an Asian supermarket right on my door step, I haven’t been disappointed. Thai Smile is a shop that I frequent very often. They have a wide selection of fresh, frozen and dried goods from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Japan and Malaysia.

I love to discover authentic brands of essential Asian store cupboard ingredients such as soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and coconut milk. You get much more for your money as items are available in large sizes. The Thai curry pastes are incredible and last forever. One small pot (400g) will give you enough paste to make 10-12 curries, just remember to stock up on coconut milk.
There is a wide selection of frozen dumplings and gyoza that are really easy to prepare and taste just as good as anything I’ve ever had in a restaurant.

Thai Smile is one of my most favourite places to go when I want to feel inspired to cook something new exciting.

ThaiSmile Supermarket
283-287 King Street
London, W6 9NH

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