The food sharing revolution

I absolutely hate wasting food. I will do everything I possibly can to avoid it. In fact, some of my best dishes have come from using what is left in my fridge at the end of the week. It only takes a little bit of creativity to turn over-ripened tomatoes into a delicious pasta sauce. We should never view food as a commodity that we can easily throw away. But of course, there are times where food waste is unavoidable. For example, you unexpectedly have a weekend away or you are invited out to a friend’s house for dinner. Rather than letting food spoil in the fridge why not give it away?

As an avid food blogger, I love to read articles relating to food and ingredient news. A few weeks ago, I read an article by Michelle McGagh in the Guardian and I was delighted to discover Olio. It is a free mobile app which connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses to exchange their edible surplus food.

I immediately downloaded the app and started searching. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people sharing near where I live, I am hoping this will change as I have now become an Olio ambassador volunteer allowing me to help spread the word in my neighbourhood.

Last weekend I made a huge vegetable paella. After lunch, there was still some left so rather than wasting it I shared it on Olio.

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