Kale, butternut squash, and sun-dried tomato frittata

What better way to brighten your day than with a bit of vibrant yummy cooking.

I am a huge advocate of the butternut squash, as you may have already read from other posts. Here I have used it alongside another autumnal vegetable, kale. I like to roast the butternut squash before I combine it with the rest of the ingredients, this intensifies the flavour. The best way of doing this is by slicing the squash in half and putting it straight in the oven.

I have transformed the summer time frittata into a warming, comforting dish. Enjoy. Continue reading “Kale, butternut squash, and sun-dried tomato frittata”

Roasted broccoli with tahini dressing

By far my favourite method of cooking vegetables is to roast them. The intense heat of the oven creates a caramelised flavour that transforms dishes into something special. Lately, I have been roasting a lot of cauliflower and broccoli with some very good results. This recipe came about after I updated my spice cupboard with sumac. This deeply sharp spice is the main ingredient to my za’atar which I have used here with roasted broccoli. The tahini and lemon dressing adds a fresh creaminess to the finished dish. Continue reading “Roasted broccoli with tahini dressing”

Spicy mung bean and roasted carrot salad

On a Sunday night, I prepare my lunch for the upcoming week. I create recipes that I can enjoy whilst at work. This recipe is full of vibrant colours and flavours. If you find yourself looking at your lunch with disdain and despair, it’s time to start getting creative. It only takes 45 minutes and you can leave it all to cook whilst you get on with something else.

I find that mung beans go well with Indian spices, they are a great carrier for different flavour combinations. The roasted carrots add a sweetness that cuts through the zesty, sharp dressing.

Here is to no more boring lunches! Continue reading “Spicy mung bean and roasted carrot salad”

Cinnamon and raisin biscuits

As a result of making my own almond milk, I have an abundance of ground almonds which can be used for many dishes. I used some for my rhubarb crumble recipe a few weeks ago. Never one to waste food, I am frequently putting together recipes from ingredients that I already have in the kitchen.

So these little crumbly biscuits are a result of a me being at home on grey Saturday afternoon and wanting something sweet. Cinnamon and raisins is one of my favourite flavour combinations and the smell of these cookies baking in the oven is enough to make anyone hungry. Continue reading “Cinnamon and raisin biscuits”

Walnut and maple syrup buckwheat pancakes

Sunday mornings are for pancakes. I love to spend the morning in the kitchen creating something new. This Sunday was no different and armed with some tasty Canadian maple syrup I came up with this recipe.

Thomas has just returned from a trip to Vancouver. He brought back with him a delicious array of maple syrup products and what better way to enjoy maple syrup than with pancakes. Maple syrup and walnuts is a joyous combination of flavours. Walnuts full of vitamin E, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants make them a good choice for breakfast. Continue reading “Walnut and maple syrup buckwheat pancakes”

Vegetable paella

I first created this recipe as a way of getting my brother to eat prawns. It is my interpretation of a paella and it is always a success. I have used brown rice instead of the usual paella rice as I prefer the flavour. Brown rice is also better for you and keeps you fuller for longer. The recipe below is a vegetable variation of my paella but of course, feel free to add whatever seafood you may have in the fridge or freezer.
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