Spicy mung bean and roasted carrot salad

On a Sunday night, I prepare my lunch for the upcoming week. I create recipes that I can enjoy whilst at work. This recipe is full of vibrant colours and flavours. If you find yourself looking at your lunch with disdain and despair, it’s time to start getting creative. It only takes 45 minutes andContinue reading “Spicy mung bean and roasted carrot salad”

Lentil, courgette and romanesco salad with mint and lemon

Autumn has finally arrived in Nice, there has been a big temperature change and last weekend we had an apocalyptic storm. When the weather is bad in Nice all there is to do is to stay in and cook. Unfortunately, I currently do not have an oven so a lot of my favourite Autumnal dishesContinue reading “Lentil, courgette and romanesco salad with mint and lemon”

Chinese cabbage and broccoli salad in a creamy Asian-style dressing

I have been living in Nice, France now for over 5 weeks. During which I have been able to try lots of different new food and cooking styles. There are some great pan-Asian restaurants here, offering Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese food. One restaurant that I have frequented quite often serves a delicious Chinese cabbage saladContinue reading “Chinese cabbage and broccoli salad in a creamy Asian-style dressing”