Spicy vegetable chickpea pancake

A trip to Nice would not be complete without enjoying a portion of socca served with a glass of Rosé. I was first introduced to this chickpea flour and olive oil crêpe, during my first trip to Nice over 3 years ago. It has a rich, toasted chickpea flavour that is neither sweet nor savoury. The streets of old Nice are full of many food stalls selling socca. So there are definitely plenty of opportunities to sample it.

Gluten-free and packed full of protein chickpea flour is a definite new favourite of mine. Whilst I was in the UK, I noticed that chickpea flour was quite hard to get hold of. What I did find was ‘gram flour’ which is chickpea flour but with another name. Gram flour is often used in Indian cooking. Luckily for me, the supermarkets in Nice have an abundance of chickpea flour or ‘farine de pois chiche’. So after quite a few experiments and changes to the ingredients I am now happy to share my recipe. Continue reading “Spicy vegetable chickpea pancake”

Quinoa mushroom risotto

Since living in France, I’ve been having trouble trying to get my hands on some quinoa. Fortunately a few weeks ago my wonderful Mum brought me three large bags from the UK. Along with some shiitake mushrooms that I had left in her kitchen cupboard.

I had tried a quinoa risotto in New Zealand at the beginning of the year, which was nice but a bit bland. Since then I have been working on my own version. The welcomed arrival of the shiitake mushrooms has enabled me to finish it. I am proud of this recipe as it so tasty and satisfying. It will be the perfect Autumnal meal for when I return to the UK. Having said that, it went down a treat in Nice even with the sticky, hot, humidity at the moment. Continue reading “Quinoa mushroom risotto”