Chinese cabbage and broccoli salad in a creamy Asian-style dressing

I have been living in Nice, France now for over 5 weeks. During which I have been able to try lots of different new food and cooking styles. There are some great pan-Asian restaurants here, offering Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese food. One restaurant that I have frequented quite often serves a delicious Chinese cabbage saladContinue reading “Chinese cabbage and broccoli salad in a creamy Asian-style dressing”

Banana and honey buckwheat pancakes

I love pancakes, not the thin French crêpes but the thick American kind.  Rather than using standard white flour, I wanted to use a more nutritionally beneficial flour, such as buckwheat. I had experimented with lots of different flours to achieve the right consistency, buckwheat flour was the most successful.  As an alternative to butterContinue reading “Banana and honey buckwheat pancakes”