Roasted broccoli with tahini dressing

By far my favourite method of cooking vegetables is to roast them. The intense heat of the oven creates a caramelised flavour that transforms dishes into something special. Lately, I have been roasting a lot of cauliflower and broccoli with some very good results. This recipe came about after I updated my spice cupboard with sumac. This deeply sharp spice is the main ingredient to my za’atar which I have used here with roasted broccoli. The tahini and lemon dressing adds a fresh creaminess to the finished dish. Continue reading “Roasted broccoli with tahini dressing”

Cumin coated halloumi with spiced tomato and pepper chutney

I had noted down ideas for this recipe a couple of years ago, and it wasn’t until Friday that I thought of it, after buying some halloumi ready for the bank holiday weekend. The idea of combining cheese with cumin seeds came from my first raclette whilst on a skiing holiday in France. Raclette cheese is melted in a raclette and then served with cold meats, salads, and potatoes. My friend suggested sprinkling cumin seeds on top of the melted cheese, which I did, and it was so delicious. The intense, and warmly bitter flavour of the cumin seeds combined with the creamy, melted cheese was memorable. I chose to use halloumi for my recipe, as it cooks so well on a bbq or griddle pan, which adds an extra toasty nutty flavour to the cumin.

The spiced pepper and tomato chutney is the perfect accompaniment to the halloumi. The sharp, sweet and spicy chutney cuts through the intense saltiness of the cheese and works well with the distinctive spice of the cumin. The quantities here for the chutney will give you enough to have plenty left over. Try it with fish, roasted cauliflower or other cheeses.

We combined the halloumi and chutney with toasted wholemeal pitta bread and salad. The perfect dish for a sunny bank holiday. Well, the Sunday was nice at least. Continue reading “Cumin coated halloumi with spiced tomato and pepper chutney”

My hummus

I love hummus, I could eat it with everything. Unfortunately shop-bought hummus never really lives up to my expectations. One of my biggest issues is that they normally have vegetable oil rather than olive oil. Hummus for me has to be made with olive oil. So after tasting far too many disappointing shop-bought hummus, I have decided to create my own.

Trial and error and lots of research from Greek, Lebanese and Turkish cookbooks has enabled me to create a hummus exactly how I like it. I am starting with a basic hummus recipe that I can then change and incorporate additional flavours at a later date. Continue reading “My hummus”